Direct Health Care Innovations

The NHS is challenged to deliver modern effective healthcare in an age of severe financial constraints, an escalating digital media awareness and increasing public expectations.

Over the years DHC Innovations have provided clinical healthcare delivery and transformation of IT related solutions by working with patients, carers, NHS professionals and fellow believers in innovation.

DHC Innovations’ current project is the creation a brand new, first of its kind product, called the Optishield.

The Optishield was developed from personal experience and working in collaboration with the Universities of Keele and Wolverhampton. The project went through several design processes, including CAD and 3D printing.

Aston University School of Optometry and the Medical Devices Testing and Evaluation Centre (MD-TEC) undertook a usability study, the results of which found a very high level of acceptance among optometrists. The study identified a 100% completion success rate, with the highly experienced participants perceiving the device as a helpful aid to enable hand-free working, resulting in a direct positive impact on their usual clinical practice.

The Optishield offers a hands-free alternative for optometrists when testing visual acuity. It is reusable and easy to clean.

Our experience as healthcare professionals and patient representatives enable us to work closely with customers and prospective systems suppliers to provide advice and assurance of the needs of the client and the delivery of working solutions.


Optishield – the hands free alternative visual occluder paddles

Currently available paddle occluders need to be held in position during visual testing procedure. The Optishield offers a hands-free alternative that can be slipped onto spectacles or testing frames enabling the clinician to concentrate on the client and the procedure.

For Eye care Professionals please contact – Mid-Optic Ltd

For personal use – The frosted Optishield offers a flexible alternative where temporary partial occlusion for a clinically prescribed period has been recommended by an eye care specialist. Optima Low Vision Services Ltd

Clinical Information Systems

Health Informatics Consultancy

DHC Innovations are experienced healthcare professionals with a broad range of clinical and operational management skills, particularly in the acute sector. Their focused, enthusiastic and energetic team offer a wealth of experience in healthcare related commercial markets, specifically IT solutions and delivery of transformation programs.

With an extensive knowledge of the NHS at all levels, they have an excellent reputation and proven ability in the understanding of trends and difficult issues related to service delivery. Through initiatives such as understanding, analysing and articulating requirements, they realise the potential benefits and the art of the possible.

Clinical Systems Reviews & Integration of Clinical Systems

DHC Innovations offer a consultancy service on healthcare IT installations, ensuring that systems are compatible with healthcare standards and that industry solutions are secure. This involves working closely with IT network suppliers including CISCO, HL7, Dicom SSL encryption, and wireless networking security protocols.

With their in depth understanding of healthcare informatics and practical experience on integration of Medical Devices, Network and Communication Technologies, they have been able to develop and facilitate strong and effective communications between clients and suppliers.

The following results have been achieved according to their clients needs:

Integration of Cardiology Information System with GP Practice Information Systems.

Integration of diagnostic systems to centralised diagnostics data warehouse.

Integration of multi-vendor medical device and imaging systems

Procurement and installation of Cardiology Information and PACS system, and Digital network EEG system.

Healthcare Prince II project management.

Aspects of long-range planning, strategy development for medical equipment and integration with IT systems.

The DHC Innovations team have extensive experience in providing support to project managers and senior managers within NHS Trusts to enable integration of clinical systems with EPR and information systems. This has been undertaken as a specialist advisory role to the suppliers of systems to the project, for Medical Monitoring and Imaging systems, including integration into IT networks EPR and PACS.

Operational Management

“Other Services”  With 38 years experience in NHS management, procurement, and application of clinical systems, we offer a range of consultancy and project management solutions.


Management roles provided by the DHC Innovations team include:

NHS Management

General Manager Business & Performance management of the regional tertiary specialist rehabilitation service, including business planning and performance management across the Specialist Rehabilitation Service. In Patient Services, Prosthetics and Orthotics, Specialist Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy supports to Brain Injury and Amputee client groups. Lead in the planning and direct operational management of the specialist equipment service business units. Posture & Mobility, Access to Communications and Environmental Controls, Wheelchair Services

Private Healthcare Management

Clinical Services Manager  Planning and day to day operational management of the clinical specialty Integrated Practice Units of Medical, Surgical and Day Case Surgery specialties in an Independent Treatment Centre, Delivery of Cancer Two Week Wait targets for Dermatology. Responsible for active management of RTT for a Medical Specialties Cardiology, Respiratory, Dermatology and the Centre Diagnostic Services, Cardiology and Respiratory

Project Management

PFI Project Program Manager Responsible for procurement and co-ordination of installation and implementation of medical equipment including Integration of clinical systems with EPR and information systems. Advisory role to the suppliers of systems to the project integration with IT systems including long-range planning, strategy, providing support to other project managers and general managers within the Trust

Specialist Medical Procurement Advisory service

DHC Innovations in-depth understanding of public sector procurement has been developed through experience in the health sector and through providing bidding advice to private and third sector organisations competing for public sector tenders.

In a PFI Project Program Manager capacity, the team have provided senior procurement advisory roles within NHS Foundation Trusts on procurement strategy, EPR, integration of clinical systems procurement, delivering effective and compliant procurement solutions according to complex customer requirements.

“Other Services”

Previous contracts:

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Cardiology Services Manager.

United Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust

Operational Manager Diagnostics and Therapies Division

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

Specialist General Manager for Respiratory and Stroke services.

Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Operational Service Manager:

Community Services in Burton community hospitals at Lichfield and Tamworth.

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 

Service Manager for Stroke Services:

Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust

Business General Manager West Midlands Specialist Rehabilitation Services: